don’t just take it from us.

“Holy Mother of the Universe. Now, when I tell you that I loved this book – I AM REALLY TELLING YOU THAT I LOVED THIS BOOK.”

Alliee Reads


“Schmuck the Buck is yet another hit by EXO Books!”

Briar’s Reviews


“[W]ithin minutes, my coffee was all over the floor and I was laughing my head off!”

About A Book Club


“These illustrations are absolutely wonderful – look out for Grandpa!”



“I can’t talk enough about how much I enjoyed this book and how it made me laugh. Please go out and read it as it is just the book to get you in the mood for Christmas!”

Lizbie’s Nerdy World


“Start a new holiday family tradition and put this cute, illustrated book on your coffee table for folks to read while they wait for the game to end or the carolers to leave.”

Author Cynthia Varady


“No one has tested my wine-filled waters like the daring EXO books with their funny Christmas book. And yes, P.S. My keyword is ‘funny Christmas book;’ please cut me a break. You try making ‘Jewish reindeer’ searchable. Maybe this tale will do just that.“

The Uncorked Librarian


Here are 10 reasons why you should read Schmuck the Buck or gift it to someone.

Hiding Behind Books Blog


“Schmuck the Buck may not have a song written about him (yet) but he deserves his moment of triumph in this enjoyable tale. A warm-hearted and fun read for Christmas or Hanukkah with a lovely message about love and acceptance which fits in well with the sentiments of the season.”

Hair Past a Freckle